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Discovering how to care for your natural hair can be easily determined by your hair texture.  All you need to do is pick the hair extensions that suit you best and complete your purchase with a few clicks! Beyonce reportedly has a hair collection worth US$1 million and reality television stars such as the Kardashians change their hair colour and length every month. Our ombre is made with 100% pure remy human hair, cuticle intact, double drawn. Plus, you can easily curl, wash or straighten your extensions whenever you want to! No longer a solution worthy only of celebrities and socialites, human hair extensions continue to evolve into a more accessible, more affordable option. Store your clip in hair extensions in a breathable material like cotton to maximize how long they can last.

Synthetic fibers, just like human hair, come in weave (weft) and single strands (bulk) for braids. In particular, extensions that do not match your hair are most likely to give you problems. If you’re a hair dresser or salon, contact us for pricing on wholesale hair extensions. Not getting the right hair color is a common mistake made by people who get extensions. High quality hair extensions don’t require cheap human hair extensions additional maintenance compared to your natural hair. Cinderella Hair’s pre-bonded extension system will not harm your natural hair or scalp. The journey hair takes from rural villages in China and temples in India to upmarket salons in places like New Zealand is a clear example of global capitalism’s exploitation of impoverished countries, says Dr Esther Berry, a Canadian hair trade expert.

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Remy hair is the finest quality of human hair because the cuticles are kept intact and not striped like in most other non-Remy hair extensions. Websites selling human hair will occasionally explain that the locks come from religious tonsure ceremonies in India, where women willingly swap hair in return for a blessing. The fact that some websites won’t disclose where their hair comes from is significant. Transforming black ponytails shorn from girls in the countryside into luxurious extensions fit for First World consumers is a complex and time-consuming process. We are proud to have a huge range of clip in hair extensions with various fitting&type available, for example Full head set/individual pieces/Instant clipins half wigs, Wavy/Straight, Human Hair/Synthetics, for more info about clip in hair extensions please go to the Hair Faq for more info and demonstration.

I just received my extensions and I am absolutely over the moon the quality is amazing! They do not last as long as human hair because they can be easily damaged by friction and heat. Become a hair goddess with our selection of best selling products you’re sure to love. Explore our wide range of human hair extension ranging from ; Synthetic Hair , Brazilian hair, Peruvian, Malaysian, Mongolian and many more from top brands. The full head hair extension set provides the most natural amount of hair, so if you have very thick hair, or are looking for a super voluminous look, check out our new double wefted extensions.

Women in the West like Harris spend thousands of dollars on hair extensions for added length, extra volume and, sometimes admittedly, for vanity. When conditioning your hair extensions, ensure you only condition your hair from mid-length to end and never on the bonds/roots. Consumers don’t want to think about the women who grew their hair or the chains of labour that led to it landing on their scalp because, hair trade academics argue, the thought of wearing someone else’s body part is grotesque. In New Zealand, human hair is imported as a beauty accessory and not a body part so there are no restrictions, regulations or prohibitions on the product.

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